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Services for Clinicians

Clinical supervision is an invaluable resource to gain support with cases, increase confidence in practice and reduce provider burnout.  Dina provides supervision and mentorship to dietitians and other clinicians, to help them safely support their clients and patients affected by eating disorders.

Supervision sessions may include:

  • Reviewing best practices in ED care,

  • Case consultations,

  • Challenges with clients or team dynamics; 

  • How to manage difficult conversations,

  • Nutrition counselling skills for safe, compassionate support,

  • Addressing your own nutrition or body struggles that may impact work with clients,

  • Navigating private practice, scope of practice, boundary setting.Or other challenges you may be navigating in your practice.


Individual Supervision - $175 per session

Individual clinical supervision includes a 1-on-1, 60-minute consultation session with Dina, to gain support for your practice.  This time can be used to review specific cases, discuss concerns or challenges, practice skills, debrief when you're feeling stuck, and more.  Book a free call to learn more about individual clinical supervision.


Group Supervision - $275/person for 4 sessions

Join a clinical supervision group with three other colleagues.  Get support and feedback for your own cases, and gain additional learning from the experiences and discussions with others. Consultation groups run for four weeks.  Each session is 90-minutes. 


Other services for clinicians

Group presentations, workshops, and Lunch & Learns, are great continuing education options for clinician teams, looking to learn how to safely support individuals affected by eating disorders.  Topics could include:

  • Screening for eating disorders and disordered eating,

  • The nutritional impacts of eating disorders,

  • The role of the dietitian in eating disorder care,

  • Strategies to help support nutrition for ED recovery,

  • Safe nutrition messaging for eating disorder care & prevention,

  • Weight-inclusive care,

  • Nutrition considerations for eating disorders and activity.

And more! 

Contact Dina to discuss options for your team!

Get in Touch!

Do you have questions?  Prefer to connect by email?  Email me to get in touch!

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