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  • Mona Farahbakhsh

Eating Disorders and the Transition to Campus Life: A Two-Part Series

By: Mona Farahbakhsh, Dietetic Intern

Reviewed by: Dina Skaff, Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Change. Transitions. What comes to mind when you hear those words? For many, it could be feelings of uncertainty, nervousness, and even fear. Many find change and times of transition difficult. For those navigating eating disorders, change can feel overwhelming. In fact, life transitions are known to be a high-risk time for eating disorder relapse.

One life transition that can be especially challenging is the start of college or university education. Whether one is remaining at home or leaving home for the first time for further education, it is a big change. It is important that individuals preparing for this transition are supported and have the tools they need to promote their health and wellness. Planning and reflection can help minimize the challenges and additional stress associated with this transition.

This two-part blog post series delves into challenges and strategies to navigate the transition to university or college for those living with an eating disorder and for their caregivers.

To access the blog post for caregivers supporting a loved one during this transition, please use the following link: The Transition to Campus Life : Caregiver Considerations.

To access the blogpost for individuals living with an eating disorder preparing for this transition, please use the following link: The Transition to Campus Life : For Those Living with an Eating Disorder .



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