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Parent & Carer Nutrition Group

Support Your Loved One's Nutrition for
Eating Disorder Recovery

Join this virtual group for parents, partners, spouses family members or other carers, supporting a loved one with their eating disorder recovery.


You'll receive nutrition education on how best to support your loved one's nutrition for their recovery. You'll also gain support through both the Q&A periods and in discussions with other carers.

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About the group

Support Your Loved One's Nutrition for Eating Disorder Recovery  is a virtual group program, designed for parents, carers, partners, spouses – anyone supporting an individual struggling with an eating disorder, or disordered eating and body image challenges. It provides education, guidance and strategies on how to support your loved one’s nutrition throughout their recovery.


The group aims to answer some of the most common questions about nutrition that parents and caregivers have when it comes to supporting their loved one through this process, and will address various challenges they may experience along the way.

Some questions that will be answered include:

  • What are eating disorders?  What is disordered eating?  How do they impact my loved one's nutrition and health?

  • How can I safely support my loved one's nutrition for eating disorder recovery?

  • What strategies can help my loved one through meals and snacks as they work on recovery?

  • How can I support my loved one with their nutrition if they don't live with me?

You'll also learn about:

  • Creating an eating disorder recovery team for your loved one.

  • Nutrition myths and the harm that mainstream health messages can cause in eating disorder development and recovery.  

  • Safe nutrition and health messaging to support your loved one's recovery.

  • ...and more!

Participants will:

  • receive weekly nutrition education videos for viewing on their own schedule,

  • receive support during the live Q&A sessions, (via Zoom),

  • have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss challenges they may be experiencing when supporting their loved one with nutrition,  

  • be able to submit questions in advance, if they cannot attend live sessions,

  • receive recordings of all LIVE Q&A sessions,

  • have access to all material for 4 weeks following the end of the group.


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